Last modified: 26 February, 2019
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Our web, email, at Advania Support are available 24×7 for you to
submit a support request. Response Time Objectives (RTO) for new requests are
determined by the priority of the request and your level of care:

We understand the mission-critical nature of iManage in a Box to your
business and our support staff works diligently to far exceed (RTO).

Advania Support 9×5

Advania support is available during normal business hours.

Priority 1 – Urgent: production system down (RTO: 1 Hour)
The product is unusable, resulting in a total disruption of work or other critical
impacts on production operations. No workaround is available. Newly received
support requests will be assessed through discussions with the customer to confirm
that they fulfill the criteria, and may be downgraded in priority if they do not.

Priority 2 – High: major feature/function failure (RTO: 4 Business Hours)
A major feature or function failure of the product which severely restricts production
operations. A workaround is available.

Priority 3 – Normal: minor feature/function failure (RTO: 6 Business Hours)
A minor feature or function of the product does not operate as designed and there is
minor impact on usage. A workaround is available.

Priority 4 – Low: minor problem (RTO: 1 Business Day)
Examples of this type of request include requests for product documentation,
requests for general information, and product enhancement requests.

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