Last modified: 15 February, 2019
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Create an export of Azure data  

1)    Log in to Customer Control Panel. and click on Azure tab…

2) Click on View Usage Report…

3) Go to Setup Report

4) Choose Report Type (Summary Usage for Billing Period) If you choose another is not under Report Type it will not be aligned with the invoice

5) Choose the right Billing Period ex (Dec 28- Jan 28 2019) is the right billing data for invoice January

6) You can now choose to filter the report on categories, tags etc. Then you are done click Apply

7) Scroll down and the summery

8) If the data is not showing the report is to big and you need to export an csv file instead or look at our Consumption Dashboard that you can subscribe for please contact for more information

9) Then scroll up again and click on Download CSV file..

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